Miller Bobcat 260 Welder/Generator w/ Remote Start/Stop GFCI 907792
Miller Bobcat 260 Welder/Generator w/ Remote Start/Stop GFCI 907792
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Miller Bobcat 260 Welder/Generator w/ Remote Start/Stop GFCI 907792

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Rugged welder/generator is great for Stick and Flux-Cored welding and designed for maintenance/repair operations, construction, farm, ranch and generator use.

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Smaller and lighter design*
New Bobcat welder/generators take up less space on trucks and trailers—leaving more room on your truck for other equipment and tools. Plus, they’re easier to move safely around jobsites—even with weld cables and running gear attached. *Compared to previous model.

Accu-Rated™– Not Inflated Generator Power
Miller’s Accu-Rated™ 11,000 watts of usable peak power is delivered for a minimum of 30 seconds. Accu-Rated means peak power is usable for maximum generator loads such as plasma cutting, Millermatic® MIG welders and motor starting. Accu-Rated peak power beats the competition’s very shortduration peak or surge power. Use your peak power, it’s more than a number.
Versatile AC and DC weld output
Versatile AC and DC weld output provide quality welds on all types of metals. DC is smooth and easy to run while AC Stick is used when arc blow occurs.
Easy maintenance
With front panel maintenance displays, you know when your equipment needs to be serviced.

Front panel fuel and sight gauges
Front panel fuel and sight gauges provide convenient fuel level indication. Note: Diesel engine will shut down before system runs out of fuel making restart easy.

Not Included

  • Weld leads
  • Specifications


    Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
    Flux Cored (FCAW)
    MIG (GMAW)
    Stick (SMAW)
    TIG (GTAW)
    Plasma (PAC)

    General Specifications

    Title Bobcat™ 260 , GFCI
    Industries Interests Construction
    DIY / Home Hobbyist
    Farm and Ranch
    Maintenance and Repair - Field Operations
    Mechanical Contracting
    Work / Service Trucks
    Engine Brand Kubota
    Engine Idle Speed 1800 RPM
    Fuel Tank Size 12 Gallon
    Fuel Type Gas
    Horsepower 19 hp
    Weldable Metals Aluminum
    Stainless Steel
    Rated Output 250 A 28 V 100%275 A 25 V 60%
    Single Phase Generator Continuous Power 9500 W
    Single Phase Generator Peak Power 11000 W
    Sound Rating 80 dB @ weld dB
    Current Type AC / DC
    Amperage Range 40 - 250
    Portability Lift Eye (Standard)
    Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
    Trailer (Optional)
    Weld Output CC / CV
    Net Width 20 in
    Net Height 28 in
    Net Length 45.375 in
    Net Weight 638 lbs
    Warranty 3 Years
    Miller's True Blue Warranty
    Engine Warranties


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