Walter E-WELD™ Anti-Spatter Spray 500ml 53-F-203
Walter E-WELD™ Anti-Spatter Spray 500ml 53-F-203
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Walter E-WELD™ Anti-Spatter Spray 500ml 53-F-203

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E-WELD™ is a safe, natural solution that protects the work piece from weld spatter to keep you from having to perform time-consuming, costly rework.

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Allows immediate painting- Compatible with aluminium, steel and stainless steel- Excellent corrosion resistance - ideal for ferrous alloys and corrosion sensitive parts

Excellent paint adhesion properties - no special cleaning required for post welding coating operations-

Formulation based on natural plant extracts - biodegradable, non-flammable, odourless- VOC free, Solvent free and silicone free- Works equally wet or after the product is dry.


  • Contains temporary corrosion inhibitors
  • Green color for a better view on workpiece
  • Prevents weld spatter from sticking
  • Ultrafine spray for complete coverage
  • Will not harm painted surfaces


  • All weldable metals


  • General purpose welding
  • Protection of workpieces, torches, robots and jigs

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Aerosol 400 ml 13.5 fl.oz. 53-F 002 (M)SDS 12 12.35

Trigger sprayer 500 ml 16,9 fl.oz. 53-F 203 (M)SDS 12 14.95

Liquid 3.78 L 1 gal 53-F 205 (M)SDS 1 49.00

Liquid 20 L 5.2 gal 53-F 207 (M)SDS 1 215.00

Liquid 208 L 55 gal 53-F 208 (M)SDS 1 1625.00